Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Seaworld and Aquatica trip 4-1-11

So we decided lil Cassidy was really missing out by not experiencing a water park yet so we took her to Aquatica. Here's that story in a nutshell lol.

All dressed and ready for our first water adventure.

Cassidy before the disaster of the life vest that absorbed every ounce of her

Not a happy little camper but mommy is always there to cheer her up.

And this would be the reason for her unhappiness. Nailed the both of us!

Getting a little practice in with a few laps around the kiddie pool area.

She loved the Commersons dolphins.

YouTube Video

This slide is pretty cool. Goes thru the dolphins tank but go to fast and you totally miss them.

Playing in the sand at the beach: priceless
Playing in the sand at Aquatica: $45 plus parking!

I wouldn't be happy wearing that huge thing either.

YouTube Video

Mommy and Cassidy playing in the water again at the edge of the wave pool. She wasn't to sure of the waves though.

YouTube Video

I was able to take a spin on the semi new Omaka Rocka and had a blast.

Such a pretty place!

She had so much fun she literally fell asleep like this lol.

One last picture of my two, soon to be three, loves before we head out and head over to Universal for Mardi Gras later that night.

Please remain seated and keep arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times! This ride does go upside down!


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