Sunday, May 29, 2011

Disney World blast from the past - The Magic Kingdom 70s and 80s

I had the idea of searching thru my parents old pictures to see what I could dig up after seeing some old Disney pictures being posed on Twitter and it go me curious to see what treasures I had buried away for all these years. Needless to say I stumbled across a ton from Walt Disney World. My guess is these pictures date back to the late 70s and early 80s for some of them. Amazing to see how things have changed and evolved from all those years ago from the decor to the landscaping and not to mention some rides. Hope you enjoy this blast from the past!

Most likely one of my first times at Magic Kingdom, if not my first. My Uncle, Mom and Dad in the lower right. I sure dont remember but with that haircut im glad I dont.
 The entrance to the Magic Kingdom!

 Main Street USA way back when! Not sure if they still run the hose drawn carriage but if they do its been ages since I have seen one run. Warning watch your step : )

 Ah the castle amidst all the bell bottoms and sideburns!

 I sorta vaguely remember these boats. You wont see any of these floating around anymore. 

 OMG someone stole Splash and Thunder Mountain!!!!

Wow good luck getting a picture like this with crowds these days!

 Next stop Tom Sawyer Island!

 A cool picture of how the one side of Fantasyland used to look from the old skyride that vanished ages ago.

 Hey looks its an old Ticket and Information booth.

 10,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Future home of Little Mermaid ride and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs roller coaster.

 Ahhh, still drinking their rum to this day and way before anyone heard of Captain Jack Sparrow.
 This guys hasnt moved from this spot for 30 years.
 Enchanted Tiki Room before new management evicted the old tenants.

 Be afraid, be very afraid.

 Heading over to Tomorrow land. Funny the future doesnt look anything like this.

 Tomorrow land before the make over.

 Old Skyride transfer station. Funny also they probably are using the same go karts to this day.
Space Mountain old original entrance before the make over. 
 I love seeing these old pictures from Disney past. I hope to come across more after I get a hold of old photos from other family members. I have some old ones from around the resort are and Epcot that I will scan and post shortly.