Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kingda Ka

Captain's log stardate 90210. We have entered into the deepest darkest reaches of New Jersey to seek out and conquer the mythological beast better know as Kingda Ka! Our mission on this journey is to study and tame this monstrosity. It was a long draw out fight but in the end we came out victorious!

Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. The moment you pull into the parking lot this huge tall mass of steel. And whats that? Thats right its the worlds tallest roller coaster on this planet at 456ft tall! Up until recently it was also the worlds fastest at 128mph reached in a total of 3.5 seconds! This isnt your grandparents Steeplechase that is for sure.

The view from the parking lot. Intimidating!

Getting inline you get a small taste for what you are about to experience.

The view while waiting inline of what lays ahead.

It really is that tall!

The moment I have been waiting on. I finally get to see what this ride is all about. Let me say it does not disappoint.

How some people looked after going on this ride! Never the same lol!

The launch n all its glory. Don't blink or you may miss it.


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