Monday, May 23, 2011

Our last day of our pumpkins first Disney trip - Animal Kingdom

Every journey has an end but unlike the TV show Lost this one is far less complex confusing. Although you may run into the occasional wild creature here and there.

On to day 4 of our glorious adventure with our daughter and introducing to her what hopefully turns into a life long passion. Animal Kingdom was on tap for the days trek across Disney and it did not disappoint.

The Tree of Life.

Her first musical and what better than the Lion King. Caught the first show which was perfect with low crowds and plenty of seating.

Singing along with the show. . . . If your aching, for some bacon, you can a big pig to, oye!

Right after Lion King was Camp Mickey and Minnie. First up was Thumper and Miss Bunny. She loved them and was so curious.

Next up Chip and Dale. She was too sure but warmed up to them.

It's the Disco Yeti Mountian!

Time for the Nemo musical. This was our first time watching this. We enjoyed it but would have been better had the little munchkin not been so antsy.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.


Safe to say she is having a great time.

Daddy and daughter are thirsty!

Her first petting zoo trip and what is the first thing she tries to do? Yep, she tries to grab a handful of the goats hair.

Parade time!

Shaking hands and kissing babies!

After a long few days all good things must come to an end and so it was time to pack up and hit the highway. But fear not kiddo we go back up 2 weeks after this trip for another long weekend excursion to the happiest place on earth. Till next time : )

Please remain seated and keep arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times! This ride does go upside down!


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